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Hello lovely lady! My name is Anjna, my friends call me "Anj"

I’m a wife and mother with a BIG dream, a clear vision and unmovable determination to live the life I truly believe in which is one of success and abundance.

I grew up in New Zealand with extremely loving yet conservative parents who encouraged me focus on my studies, get that college degree and pursue a good safe career.


At 20 I married the first guy who came along because back in those days I was very sheltered and conditioned to believing that this is what you’re suppose to do. Thankfully, 4 years later I had enough courage to break free from my controlling and unfulfilled marriage.

At the time I remember feeling like the biggest failure in the world. Deflated and crushed, I just wanted to hide in a cave forever. Fortunately my family and best friend helped me realize that my life was bigger than this failed marriage. They were right. I decided to toughen up, stop feeling sorry for myself and began to break out of my shell. I told myself that it’s ok to fail, as long as you fail “upwardly”, in other words, learn from my mistakes and allow my experiences to help me grow and become a better person.

So now in my mid 20s, I ventured onto a path of self discovery and personal development. I became a bit of a geek and spent hours at the library reading motivational, inspirational and spiritual books. I started to become stronger, more confident and true to myself which opened up infinite possibilities in my life. I began to explore a more positive and self-believing way of life.


I began to realize that I had attracted the things I had experienced so far in my life with the images I had placed into my mind. These images both conscious and unconscious were ingrained into my thoughts and feelings from a very young age. My upbringing, exposure and environment was the foundation to which I built my mindset upon. Once I was able to identify my thoughts and feelings and accept the fact that they held power over what I was attracting into my life I became desperate to stop myself from feeling hopeless, unworthy and just plain not good enough.  I had to face my demons and move past this failure and disappointment to receive my transformation.

I began to identify and break down the clutter in my life, realizing that my mind was my biggest asset to getting to where I needed to be however at this point my mind was full of self-doubt, low self esteem & limiting beliefs.

I read the book and watched the video called “The Secret” to learn more about the law of attraction. As I began to study it and dig deeper beyond what I had read it was a life changing experience. It was amazing as it gave me the determination to start peeling off the layers of self-limiting beliefs which ruled my life at the time. I was then able to renew and reset my mindset to be one of a champion mindset. 

The law of attraction became the way which I made decisions for my life from then on. I was finally able to get out of my own way, stop self sabotaging and began to think of myself as a magnet. We attract what happens in our lives by our thoughts, feelings and actions. 

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My parents are amazing but they are not risk takers. Growing up they kept my sisters and I all close and believed in playing it safe and laying low so when I came home one day, and announced that I am moving to Los Angeles to expand my marketing management career and life skills they thought I was crazy! How would I possibly survive out there on my own?? There was no one they knew in my predicament at the time that had ever done this before, not to mention this is the worst possible time - It was 2008, the beginning of the recession. All over the news we would see and hear about how corporate America was being downsized and experts like me, in my line of profession were being laid off by the 1000s every day.  Despite all this, I chose to believe that the rules that other people set up didn’t apply to me, especially since I had applied the law of attraction to turn this BIG dream of mine into reality in the first place. I manifested this dream of mine to work and live in California for 2 years before I left New Zealand. In hindsight, I could have done it sooner if I hadn’t listened to that self-limiting voice in my head.


So now with my bags packed and ready to take on the world I didn’t let the impossibility of moving to Los Angeles, the statistical, illogical aspect of it happening get in my way. I never felt like it applied to me and it never has. This is my personal law which I activated and implemented. I eventually blocked out the negative voices around me that told me not to do it. I held fast to the dream of moving to USA with 2 job interviews lined up when I arrived.

You might even say it was crazy to have this big dream of moving to the land of opportunities with nothing more than a 3 month visitor visa. I knew how much easier it would be for these hiring managers to just hire a local candidate to avoid the headache of having to sponsor me for a working class visa which in the USA is risky like jumping through fire hoops, but I kept my focus and energy on my dream because I knew that I had asked for it, deserved it and it was now being delivered to me because the universe had heard my call and lead me here.

Was I scared? - OMG YES!, but I was determined. I acknowledged that fear was a natural instinct, it will always be there. How I chose to deal with fear is what kept me focused in this instance. I made "fear" get out of the front seat of my vehicle (my mind) because I decided that I was driving now. To this day I make sure that fear remains in the back seat of my life journey. Fear will never stop and will always try to make me doubt, however I constantly remind myself that fear has ZERO power over me. Not even the power to switch the radio station along the journey.

Within 3 weeks of arriving to California with my 2 big suitcases and completing the interview process I landed the most amazing job as marketing manager for EPSON America in their Robotics division where I managed all marketing functions for north and south America as well as Australia and New Zealand. Now remember, it was the recession so I was made aware very quickly that manufacturing plants around the country were being shut down due to lack of production, manufacturing plants which were being driven by automated robotic solutions – my market! I just kept my focus on my goal and can honestly tell you that not once did any of this matter to me or affect the success I achieved in my role.

It’s crazy how the universe works because I had spent weeks preparing for my 2 scheduled interviews before I arrived into USA, however none of them were successful. Neither myself or the hiring managers were inspired. I remember feeling uncertain and lost as I headed out the door after shaking so many hands. As I contemplated having to change direction in my dream I was stopped by HR advising me that another job at EPSON in their Robotics division had opened up and my resume was shared with the hiring manager who was really keen to interview with me.  Instantly I thought I am not prepared and I know nothing about robots! Nevertheless I went through the process, made an instant connection with the hiring manager who gave me so much credibility. I felt so inspired that I just knew this job was mine. Despite the fact that I was clueless about robotics and nervous that I’d be the only girl in the office in a mans world I got the offer letter and signed it gladly. The entire package and opportunity was amazing!


Not all things turn out as planned,

they turn out even better!


I achieved so much success in my 5 years at EPSON America, it was the most amazing career enhancing and self discovery experience of my life! It never once felt like it was a job, more like a working vacation away from home. I had an amazing boss who believed in me, encouraged me and allowed me to create my job and have flexibility. I looked forward to Mondays and my co-workers were like family. I lived in a high rise apartment steps away from the beach in Southern California where I made some awesome life-long friends. I had the dream job and the dream life! … all because I asked the universe for it and believed to intentionally receive in overflowing abundance. What came about was actually more than what I had dreamed of. I quickly came to realize that this is how the universe works - What you give your attention to the most grows bigger. The feeling that is generated by the thoughts we have is what sends the message to the universe for the results we desire. Feelings, thoughts and actions all have to be aligned in order for the universe to respond faster - AMAZING!


Although I had the dream job & life on the outside, like any normal person I craved love and relationship also. Now more than 10 years of being single since my previous marriage and happy in my career I was ready to attract love and family into my life and I wanted it to be EXTRAORDINARY. In August 2011 I started visualizing my ideal marriage, I made a vision board and made the decision to start feeling the way I wanted to feel in a healthy and fulfilling relationship. This was something I had to practice to get good at but I did. I opened my mind and heart up to the possibility and once again the universe delivered. I described my ideal marriage and family life – e.g. fun, excitement, passion, humour, adventure. I even put a picture of a cute baby girl up on my vision board because I’ve always wanted a daughter! I kept my attention upon it while being intentional. I took action in the direction of the movement by feeling the way I’d feel if I already had HIM in my life. I stopped 'trying', I just did it.…

Still Vision  - 106.jpg

I set the intention, put it out there and in February 2012 (6 months later) he showed up. I had visualized him! The ripple effect bought him to me because I got out of my own way! I had been on many emotional roller coasters and countless first dates over the years but when I met Baiju, my now husband I knew after our very first date that I was going to marry this guy… despite being terrified of taking on the responsibility which came with being with him -  his 2 kids who turned out to be amazing and his ex wife who was like a stone in my shoe as I walked this new journey! (they weren’t on my vision board, but I believed that the universe had a bigger plan – hello bonus kids, and thank you ex wife for being the person you are because it has only made my husband closer to me than I had ever imagined!) It was so clear to me that I was meant to be with this man whom I’d just met that I even called my Mum at 2am after that first date and told her!

Still Vision  - 291.jpg

By April 2013 I became a wife and instant mother of 2 boys - what a whirlwind! And if that wasn't challenging enough there was more to come! I shared my vision board with Baiju after our wedding and he was amazed at how almost everything on it so far had become my reality except the baby girl which was on there too – this freaked him out a little! Although he always wanted a daughter too he hadn’t thought about having any more children. He's a sucker for children and wanted me to experience motherhood in it’s true form as much as I did, so by our first wedding anniversary I was pregnant with Shaniya, our baby girl! My family was complete. Not perfect but complete and I was happy.


After Shaniya was born I struggled with the idea of having to go back to my crazy corporate career. My priorities had now changed and I no longer felt the desire to chase the career I once wanted. I felt satisfied with what I had accomplished during my corporate career and was now at a point where I didn’t want the stress of a capped 9-5 job along with the hustle of managing 3 kids within the challenging dynamics of a blended family. I cringed at the thought of having to put my daughter into daycare for 10 hours per day to resume my full-time job and live life in "survival mode" to keep the wheels in motion rather than enjoying the journey. I didn’t become a mother so that my daughter would have to be raised by teachers and only come home to have her dinner and sleep. I wanted to be an involved mother and remain ambitious at the same time without the stress of battling in crazy traffic to get to work, running out of time to cook and keeping the household running smoothly while allowing for unexpected curve balls along the way. How? How could I do this? 

We spend 70% of our waking hours working in our day jobs. Why shouldn’t it be one of the happiest, most exciting, most fulfilling parts of our lives? I started to explore my options and realized that there are so many opportunities out there in places I never knew existed. I can create my ideal “job”, my ideal “business” using the skills I have and help others. The idea of having mulitple streams of income via online businesses and serving like minded women excites me to the point where it sets my soul on fire.


Today, I have 2 businesses which I run online enabling me to be "location independent" - work from anywhere in the world. I have the flexibility and freedom to work my own hours. All I need is my laptop and WiFi to run my businesses. I no longer have to ask my boss for time off to travel the world and I have the freedom to be able to be there when my daughter is unwell and needs her mommy.

Once I came to the realization that we don’t have to conform to the pressures and expectations of society which set us up to believe that our choices are limited, I became empowered to pave my own way because I don’t settle for ordinary, I never have. I refuse to fit into a conventional box.

My mission is to help show other like-minded women that you don’t have to remain a prisoner of your current situation.


The choice to break free from the unsatisfying, stressful, limiting life and inflexible job is totally YOURS.


The turning point is to come to the end of your self limiting beliefs, realize that you love yourself abundantly to give your dreams the attention they deserve. You can’t expect anyone else to show you your greatness.. you have to realize your greatness and set the tone to receive in the way you deserve. 

If you’re not happy, Change it!

Your birth right is to thrive and achieve what your mind can conceive.