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Turning Cold LinkedIn Connections

Into HIGH-PAYING Clients

Would you like to grow your sales pipeline and have an endless supply

of HOT leads at your finger tips month after month?

I have one mission — to help you monetize your business

with high-quality leads without the hustle & overwhelm

of not knowing where your next high-end clients will come from.

Imagine what would your business look like if you had a consistent flow of new potential clients in your sales pipeline every single month along with a winning formula to turn cold LinkedIn prospects into HIGH-PAYING clients!

What if you could generate between 50-60 new highly targeted leads each month in less than 30 minutes per day? What would 50-60 prospects who are ready to engage with you per month mean for your business in terms of growth, revenue & profit?

Our premium focused business model is designed to help you generate high-quality, high-paying & highly targeted leads using the world’s most powerful professional platform –  LinkedIn!

LinkedIn is a B2B goldmine & the perfect digital platform for business owners to engage with prospects if used correctly. The problem is most professionals don’t know how to utilize & optimize LinkedIn to it’s fullest capacity & are unaware of the endless possibilities available at their finger tips.

Get ready to turn your LinkedIn profile into a client generating machine & a powerful sales funnel tool and never look back!

Say goodbye to complicated sales funnels and step into an impactful B2B lead generation strategy which gives you a rolodex of ideal potential clients in an easy to implement, predictable and repeatable system.

Stop following the masses and getting caught up in shiny object syndrome thinking that you have to build complicated sales funnels and hustle like every other business owner out there. It’s time to pivot & learn a powerful lead generation system where you can connect & engage with an endless supply of ideal potential clients and book anywhere between 5-15 sales calls every single month!.

Instead of feeling defeated that you’ve stopped gaining traction on Facebook & Instagram, check out our “soul enriched” LinkedIn lead generation system to streamline your marketing efforts & monetize your business.

Convert cold LinkedIn connections into high-paying clients in a way which feels authentic & congruent with your core values & unique brilliance.

The strategy we teach is for B2B service-based business owners in the following areas who would like to learn how to utilize & optimize LinkedIn to generate a consistent supply of high-quality leads:

  • B2B startups
  • Agencies
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Professional Service Providers
  • Recruiters
  • Entrepreneurs

Learn prospecting strategies which you can begin to implement right away to help you book more sales conversations with your most ideal clients using LinkedIn.

Our 5 Step Signature System For Turning Cold LinkedIn Connections Into High-Paying Clients:

Step 1

Getting crystal clear on your LinkedIn outreach goals

Step 2

Understanding & defining your niche & ideal client

Step 3

Optimizing & up-leveling your LinkedIn profile to reflect your stand out personal brand & positioning yourself as an expert in your field.

Step 4

Implementation of outreach strategy & messaging sequence. Guided step by step process.

Step 5

Advanced LinkedIn – Discovering & developing your authentic client-attracting marketing voice & writing copy that converts

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn very purposeful. The 300+ million active monthly users are intentional and strategic about what they use it for.

LinkedIn has the energy of either advancing your career or growing your business. The energy is very high-end, high-vibe & professional which is why it’s the best platform to generate high-quality leads for your high-end flagship offer.

When your prospects are able to identify a mutually beneficial reason to be connected with you they are more likely to accept your connection request on LinkedIn over other social media platforms, even if they don’t know you.

Implemented correctly you can absolutely find, connect, engage & build relationships with your niche & ideal clients using our carefully curated signature system.

Learn how to articulate your messaging sequence for the best results in terms of connection requests being accepted all the way through to follow up messages & finally techniques you can use to move prospects offline into sales conversations.  We help you to develop your authentic client-attracting marketing voice which will set you up to writing highly converting messaging sequences & quality content.

Need help with your sales conversations? We have you covered with discovery session & coaching session templates which stand the test of time to coach your prospect into a making that “YES” decision to work with you.

Sounds amazing? BUT – Don’t want to do it yourself? No problem! I totally get it! – – – We also give you the option to upgrade to our DONE-FOR-YOU premium service where we do all the heavy lifting of finding the leads and booking the sales calls for you. All you have to do is show up on the sales call and sign up client after client!

It doesn’t get any easier than that!