High-End Packages – 7 Powerful Mindset Hacks

1 Nov, 2019

When you position yourself as high-end you give yourself permission to value yourself at the highest level so you can work less, make more income and do amazing work in the world with your services. Having a flagship high-end package/offer is more than just a way of making more income in your business. It is a catalyst for you to becoming extraordinary in your life as well as your business and truly own your self-worth.

Standing in the truth of the value you provide is the center point of a successful service based business no matter what industry you are in. Holding yourself as powerful in your pricing will keep your focus fixated on serving your clients at the highest level possible which is the key distinction in delivering extraordinary results and outcomes in a way which is impactful for your clients.

Below are 7 key mindsets for stepping into a high-end package creation system:

  1. Every Business Has The Opportunity To Offer A High-End Package.

It will look different for each type of business but this is ultimately true and there is no way you can convince me otherwise. There is always a way for any business to position themselves as “premium”. In my experience, the resistance and blocks some of my clients have around this can be easily overcome. I coach my clients to see the possibility of this business model and help them to stand in the power with certainty.

  1. There’s Always A Percentage Of People Who Immediately Want To Invest At The Top

It’s very common for a certain percentage around 20%, normal common people who are already on your list or following you and want to invest immediately and the reason is because they want the best and the fastest or the most in-depth solution. Furthermore, they want to feel special, exclusive and want to be a part of that high-end community. They are normal common people and not necessarily the most wealthiest people. They key difference is that they just don’t respect or value lower end. They are ready to invest in themselves. They recognize getting the best and not necessarily the cheapest.

  1. You Are Worth More Than You Realize!

The expertise that you possess and perhaps take for granted is truly priceless for your clients. It’s easy to discount what you know, discount your past experience or all the wisdom you gathered along your journey. And yet these are the very things that your client highly values because it saves them time, it makes it easy for them to not have to weed through tons of stuff to get those platinum nuggets they are seeking out. It dramatically shortens their learning curve.  Keep in mind that we live in a time where curated expertise (expertise that is very specialized) & insights are highly valued. Because People can get generic stuff for free any day of the week but the highly curated expertise that is really specialized, that is what they value. That means you’re your high-end, flagship package/product has tremendous value without you having to have a lot packed into it.

  1. Less Is More

One of the common mistakes people make with their programs is overloading them with too much content. Most service professionals have been typically giving away way too much in their lower level offers so shifting into higher level gives them the perfect opportunity to streamline their business. Take what you are doing at a low level and move it to your highest level and clean it up.

Your whole energy changes and shifts as well as your income. Its natural to think now that I’m charging more I have to give more, but this is not true. High-end is about challenging and empowering your clients to step up into their “A game”. Overloading with too much in a package actually doesn’t help them succeed. In fact it can often sabotage their success.  Allowing space in a high-end package is priceless for the success of my clients and I won’t be over-delivering. When you give yourself permission to step into the less is more mindset you start to shift your perspective from what you feel you need to give which often comes from a place of guilt to what works best for your clients which comes from a place of service.

  1. What Clients Value Is Their Transformation, Not Your Time

The results clients get from their transformation are worth so many times more than what they are investing into you. It’s the results that they want not your investment. So if you have been charging by the hour or giving away a lot of your time creating high-end packages is a very different business model. Focus your high-end packages on clear key results that clients will receive from working with you not on the time it takes. Connect with the amazing transformation you create. Much of which has very little to do with how much time you spend with someone but it has everything to do with how amazing and outstanding you are at delivering your service, coaching, keeping them accountable and helping them reach their milestone, their ultimate outcome and results.

  1. High-end Packages Allow You To Serve People At The Highest Level

People who invest in high-end offers & packages are extremely committed to their success.  They value and appreciate high level support. And when they invest in a high-end package they show up ready to be engaged. For most people investing in themselves at this level shows they are taking themselves seriously which means that they become ideal clients. It makes them committed, ready and eager as well as really high vibe to work with.

  1. People Aren’t Investing In You, They Are Investing In Themselves Through You

This mindset gives you permission to stand in service of your clients showing up, being accountable, getting what they need and definitely holding them as powerful. No matter what type of service you offer, whether it’s consulting, or coaching, or a done for you service, you name it it doesn’t matter. When you start offering high-end packages you create a new normal. A new normal in your life and business. A new normal that is up-levelled, a new normal that is expansive and liberating, a new normal that is lucrative as it is rich with self-worth.

Now it’s not that you are what you charge, but when you under-charge and you over-deliver you know at a soul level that you are diminishing yourself. Offering high-end packages challenges those old outdated beliefs and it replaces them with you stepping into and claiming your worth from the inside out… from the soul, out!