Branding your Business with Archetypes

4 Oct, 2019

Branding at first can seem confusing because there isn’t any one thing you can point to and say “That’s my brand.” A lot of people think of Nike, IBM or Toyota and in their mind they see a logo and think the logo is the brand. The truth is that a brand is so much deeper than just a logo, a tagline, look & feel as well as brand colors. These things are all great but it’s important to realize that they are just one tiny aspect of a brand.

Your brand is a combination of elements that all add up to this: Your brand is the PROMISE of an EXPERIENCE.

A well developed brand is an opportunity for you to create meaningful, thought-provoking connections with your clients. It is also an opportunity to create focus, intention and energy for you in building your business.

The proprietary branding a business with archetypes system that I teach my clients ensures that your brand is a deeply emotional experience for others and a highly authentic experience for you.

Archetypes are based on a Swiss psychologist Carl Jung’s theory that humans have a basic tendency to use symbolizm to understand concepts. Jung identified 12 archetypes. Each of them possess a powerful identity and has it’s own set of characteristics, values, attitudes and behaviors. Archetypes are images, characteristics and qualities that are imprinted in our human psyche and are immediately understood because they are universal.

The advertising and marketing industry has applied this concept to create brand archetypes. Archetypes assist business owners to define their brand and infuse life & uniqueness into it so they can stand out in a crowded market. Any brand can relate primarily to one of the 12 archetypes below:

  1. Ruler
  2. Hero
  3. Humanitarian
  4. Romantic
  5. Nurturer
  6. Innocent
  7. Maverick
  8. Jester
  9. Alchemist
  10. Explorer
  11. Sage
  12. Artist

The idea behind using brand archetypes is to anchor your brand against something iconic & symbolic – something that is already embedded within the conscious and subconscious minds of humanity. When you can align your brand with a signature and influencing archetype it makes the brand easier to identify in the minds of both your potential ideal clients as well as yourself as the business owner.

Branding your business using archetypes is a great way to get the attention of your ideal clients. It allows you to be able to develop a stand out brand which resonates with people. Archetypes enable you to capture your personality and passion into an authentic brand promise which you can use in all your marketing. It helps you create brand words which are in alignment with your business values and gives dimension, tone and uniqueness to your brand.

Before you can use archetypes to define your brand, you first need a good understanding of who your niche is and how your ideal clients think and feel about your business as well as the solution you provide.

People at large typically have an emotional connection with a brand. A brand archetype must make sense psychologically and strategically. As a business owner it is important to understand the connection your ideal clients has with your business and use your brand archetypes to build on that.

The benefit of developing a brand archetype is being able to translate it into a communications platform. Once you know how your customers feel about your brand, and you’ve successfully embraced your signature & influencing archetype into your business, you can use them to help you write marketing copy and create other touch points which will reach a deeper connection with your niche & target market.