Hi I’m Anjna Lal, LinkedIn Lead Generation Specialist for Professional Service-Based Business Owners

When I first started my business, I was passionate about my purpose as a coach & lead generation specialist but I thought that the only way for me to grow and serve MORE clients was to burn the candle at both ends & work around the clock.

I spent countless sleepless nights glued to my computer screen but not really making any progress. Self doubt crept in along with ‘mom guilt’ as I stressed about missing precious time with my beautiful baby girl. I felt so stuck as overwhelm & hustle became my new ‘normal’.

I’m here to tell you that I totally get it. Having your brain spin while you sleep with ideas and worries alike. Feeling defeated and deflated, comparing yourself to others who are more established than you and coming up against a wall for not being able to find that “special sauce” which makes you stand out from a crowded market. The struggle is real!

I want you to know that there is a better way – I had to learn it the hard way but you don’t!


Take a breath and relax! I’ve got your back! As Marie Forleo says – “everything is figureoutable”.

When you work with us you will experience a deep sense of mastery in your business growth & lead generation process in a way which will attract your most ideal potential clients with certainty, consistency & repeatability.

After spending the first several months in my business struggling to do it alone and “do it all” myself, I discovered something life-changing: A way to grow and scale my BUSINESS with IMPACT without having to hustle 24/7!

My breakthrough happened when I made the decision to invest in myself & my business by hiring my own business coach. My business coach held me accountable and challenged me as I expanded my skill-set, learned all things digital media & up-levelled my already robust 20+ years of marketing experience. It was exactly what I needed!

I discovered my authentic client-attracting marketing voice, chose a lucrative niche I enjoyed working with and became an expert at generating high-quality ideal potential clients using the worlds largest professional platform – LINKEDIN. I decided that I wasn’t going to sacrifice precious time with my family and run myself into the ground anymore. I refused to fall into the trap of burnout and hustle just because every other business owner was doing that.

Today, I help small business owners navigate through the hurdles of lead generation & marketing to reach new pinnacles of success. I teach my clients how to utilize LinkedIn to fill their sales pipeline with an endless supply of ideal potential clients month after month so they never have to worry about where their next high-paying clients will come from ever again.

Why I do What I do

The reason I do what I do is because I see too many business owners giving away their power & getting caught up in shiny object syndrome. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to venture into business so it really breaks my heart to see entrepreneurs feel disempowered & defeated after following the masses only to be seen as just another “me too” player in their field.

This is why I love to help, and I just can’t help myself! Along with my winning LinkedIn lead generation system, I empower & inspire you to infuse your center, your purpose, your unique brilliance into your business so you can discover your client attracting authentic marketing voice and develop it to truly stand out from a crowded market. I believe that your business is an extension of you, not a separate entity from you. The SOUL of your business resonates within YOU, not externally.

My Story

My coaching & consulting journey began when I became a Mom. My priorities changed almost overnight. After 2 decades of working as a high-level marketing manager, I no longer had the desire to climb the corporate ladder. I knew I was destined for something bigger and more purposeful where I could impact the lives & businesses of entrepreneurs who do amazing work in the world.

One day as I was talking to my husband about what makes me unique he coached me to realize that I am a connector by nature. Keeping in touch and identifying opportunities within my network are natural strengths of mine. He was right (dare I say it) – I am masterful at establishing strong connections and building lasting relationships.

One of the things that makes me stand out is my ability to bring the handshake back into the digital world.

With my guidance & coaching you can grow your business expansively by utilizing the potential of LinkedIn to generate highly targeted leads in a way which feels authentic and congruent with your core values. My business model is focused around building trust, rapport & credibility with your ideal prospects. The entire process we teach creates a positive platform for you to achieve your ultimate goal – A virtual handshake with your most ideal clients OFFLINE in a sales conversation that delivers a “YES, I want to work with you” result.

My Approach Works For Any Business At
Any Stage. It Can Work For You, Too.

Professional Bio:

Anjna Lal is a certified business coach for entrepreneurs who want to make more income. Her zone of genius is in using LinkedIn as a powerful lead generation system in a way which feels congruent and aligned with your core business values & unique brilliance. Her impactful generation systems & next-level marketing strategies streamline your business so you can make more money & have more free time.

Anjna built her business on the foundation of her 20+ years of corporate marketing management experience & her entrepreneurial background. She uses modern digital media techniques infused with soulful marketing strategies to help business owners build their sales pipeline with clients who are HIGH-VIBE, HIGH-END & most importantly HIGHLY CONVERTING.

Her signature system sets you up to book more sales conversations with your most ideal potential clients using LinkedIn as a lead generation sales tool. so you can sign up clients using a “rinse & repeat” system.

Anjna’s marketing & lead generation strategies provide her clients with a gateway to make the income they’ve always wanted without sacrificing their lifestyle. Her raving fans and clients have called her “an outstanding business coach” and have said they “highly recommend Anjna to any entrepreneur who wants to step up and implement a high-level business model”.

When she’s not helping her clients generate high-quality leads & create marketing that converts, Anjna is spending quality time with her amazing husband, vivacious little girl & 2 awesome teenage step-sons. She loves all things around mindfulness, personal development & meditation and can also be found in her home gym practicing yoga.

Still Want To Know More About Me?

  • My first and last names are palindromes –  they read the same backwards as forwards
  • I met my husband at an LAX baggage carousel – needless to say I picked up extra luggage that day!
  • The Law of Attraction is how I live my life 🙂
  • Business owners upholding and supporting other business owners is what lights me up and fills my cup! The opposite breaks my heart.
  • My guilty pleasure is wine & cheese – New Zealand cheese is the BEST!
  • I bought my first home when I was 26 & filled up all the closets in each of the 4 bedrooms. Since then I’ve discovered Marie Kondo!

It’s your time to THRIVE!