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I help business owners like you, to grow your B2B sales pipeline using the worlds largest professional platform – LinkedIn so you can monetize your business with an endless supply of highly targeted & high-end clients.

My lead generation system & impactful marketing strategies ensure that you have a consistent flow of new ideal potential clients in your sales pipeline every single month.

Discover & develop your client-attracting marketing voice, refine your offers and master your sales conversations in addition to generating high-quality, high-converting and high-paying leads using my winning signature system.

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What Clients Say

  • Anjna is a fantastic coach and a wonderful human being. I'd had a fair number of business coaches reach out to me through the months, but Anjna really stood out. She coached me on her LinkedIn lead generation strategy. The same knowledge and tools that had so skilfully paired us together. These best practices have not only given me more confidence in pursuing my target audience, but has also helped shift my perspective on utilizing LinkedIn overall. Anjna is passionate, professional, and decidedly has her clients' best interests at heart. If you're serious about going after new clients, and want a coach who is both passionate and practices her expertise daily, hire Anjna!

    Brittany Finkelstein
    Stress & Resilience Coach - - Silicone Valley - USA
  • I chose to work with Anjna over a crowd of other marketers because she took the time to communicate in a way that instilled confidence that she could and would actually deliver what she promised, that she is responsible and capable, and she would take my results to heart. She has an impeccable reputation. I was struggling with knowing what my brand should look like, who it should be speaking to, and systematizing my skills to market them more effectively. After a needs assessment call with her, I knew without stress that my investment would produce what I needed to up-level my brand. Anjna has such a thorough, applicable system to walk a business owner through the process -- it was simply amazing. From visualizing my processes to getting them in a logical flow that can be replicated and used in a myriad of ways, Anjna's approach nailed down exactly what I was looking for to move forward with my marketing. She is incredibly efficient! What I couldn't do for myself in years she led me through in a week during a time I was under extra pressure to launch further marketing endeavors. I went from waivering in the 'why' of my brand to knowing exactly what look and words I needed to convey and who to convey them to. Her help was instrumental in launching a more online-based sector of my services. If you are looking for a highly professional expert to set up your brand, niche, signature system, and more, Anjna is your answer. If I ever launch a new business or mine takes a turn of audience, I will hire Anjna again without hesitation. Five Stars for Anjna.

    Abby Matzke, Ph.D
    Traditional Naturopath - - Minnesota, USA
  • Anjna was totally committed to leading me to become my most powerful self, even when I struggled to see my own power & ability. Anjna identified my blind spots and conveyed her belief in my ability to succeed as the confident and empowered coach I aspire to be.

    Rachel Garron
    Business Coach - New York, USA
  • Love, love, love Anjna’s approach to coaching because she clearly pinpoints how I have so much value to offer the world – in such a way that honors my soul purpose. I was stuck on how to organize my packages to meet the needs of my niche, but Anjna has a special empowerment technique that assisted in getting to the heart of what my ideal clients need, which is mind blowing. She is truly talented at asking powerful coaching questions which quickly helps me get clarity, decide and take action in my business. I highly recommend you hire Anjna as the outstanding business coach she is! Thank you so much Anjna for your wisdom and truth.

    Janette Hamilton-Pearce
    Business Coach - Tauranga, New Zealand
  • Anjna was the first Coach I ever worked with and she certainly has set the bar incredibly high. Her style is kind and supportive yet thorough and she is not afraid to go deep and ask challenging questions to get you into action in the right direction. I had some wonderful breakthroughs with her which have certainly helped me get the results I want and achieve my business goals. I could not recommend Anjna enough!

    Gina Natalie
    Business Coach - London, United Kingdom
  • I am so grateful to Anjna for helping me create my high-end package! It's much clearer to me now and I'm very proud of the result. The system that Anjna took me through is easily replicable for future packages in my business. I appreciated her approach & kindness. She listened and answered all my questions, helping me find the answers within that suited me while staying focused on the goal, even during challenging conditions at a times. I also appreciated that she did not force me or try to convince me in any way during my moments of uncertainty. Her system is easy to understand and follow for creating amazing high-end packages. I highly recommend Anjna to any entrepreneur who wants to step up and implement a high-level business model!

    Edith Manent
    Business Coach - France
  • I can highly recommend the half day branding intensive with Anj. I found the exercises incredibly insightful, and Anj's guidance made it really easy to dig deeper for answers. This session has given me a clearer understanding of myself, and how I can project my strengths in a way that will authentically connect with my audience. I cannot thank Anj enough for helping me find clarity for the business I want to have.

    Julie Keegan
    Ad Hoc Agent - Auckland, New Zealand
  • I have had the pleasure to work with Anjna on multiple occasions, each time has proved to be a great success. She is skilful at asking the right questions and waiting for you to answer, while also encouraging you to embrace your strengths as a business owner. I wanted to share specifically how Anjna was able to successfully coach me to true clarity during a session after I had expressed I was having a lot of confusion and uncertainty surrounding discovering my niche. Anjna masterfully coached me to clarity which helped me be able to step into and embrace the power I have as a business owner that comes from having a clearly defined niche. I look forward to continuing coaching with Anjna and gain more clarity in the direction my business is taking me. I highly recommend hiring Anjna as a coach to help you further your current goals in business and discover future ones as you develop more clarity and confidence through working with her.

    Rebekah Speck
    Business Coach - Alaska, USA

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